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Periodontal health influences stem cell transplant success 01/31/2013
Periodontal infection can increase the risk for developing bacteremia during stem cell transplantation (HSCT), research suggests.
"The results of this study point to the importance of an oral evaluation before HSCT as well as interventions before and during HSCT to reduce the microbiological load (eg, by periodontal treatment and meticulous oral hygiene measures) and thereby reducing gingival inflammation.


New methods can help receding gums 01/30/2013
If you have a lot of gum tissue around your teeth, you're in great shape. Gum recession or loss of gum can occur for only a few reasons (orthodontic tooth movement, overbrushing to name two). The roots of the tooth that are supposed to be protected by the gum tissue are now exposed. Root sensitivity is one consequence. The more devastating consequence is the erosion of the root surface. You'll feel the erosion as a cupped-out or grooved portion of the root at the gum line. If your fingernail finds a depression in the root, you have erosion. That erosion worsens, producing a weakness in the tooth, just the same as there would be weakness in a tree if you started to chop it down with an ax. If you have a denture that rests solely on mucosa, your chance for denture soreness goes up enormously.

Are All Dental Implant Systems The Same? 01/22/2013
There are over 300 different implant systems marketed worldwide. Are you getting a high quality implant from your dentist?

Foods and Drinks That Can Cause Bad Breath 01/17/2013
Three ways to prevent mouth odor from ruining your day.
Healthy living tips for the 50+ brought to you by Crest & Oral-B ProHealth For Life. [Health Goes Strong]


The current sate of dentistry! 01/15/2013
Watch this hilarious and accurate anmiation about the state of dentistry in America.

Florida earns a 'D' in kids' dental health report 01/15/2013
Florida needs to put more teeth in its policies to protect children's dental health, if the results of a new national report by the Pew Children's Dental Campaign is any judge.

The report, released publicly Tuesday, gives the Sunshine State a "D" for failing to provide adequate access to what health officials consider a critical yet painless and cost-effective prevention tool: the sealant, a clear, plastic coating painted on cavity-prone teeth to ward off decay.
January 7, 2013|By Nicole Brochu, Staff writer, Sun Sentinel


Dental Voices For Mental Health 01/10/2013
Low Level Of Dental Awareness Persists For Those With Mental Illness

By Lisa Stillman, RDH, BS


Gum disease increases risk of oral cancer! 10/10/2012
Periodontitis increases the risk of developing oral leukoplakia and mucosal lesions that are predisposed to become oral cancer, according to a study in Oral Oncology (September 2012, Vol. 48:9, pp. 859-863).

Another Perk to Weight Loss? Improved Gum Health! 11/23/2011
Losing weight can improve a lot of things about your health: your cholesterol, you blood pressure, even your self confidence. But how about your smile? New research from the Journal of Periodontology has found that when people lose fat, they improve the health of their gums, too.

Top 10 Questions To Ask When Seeking Dental Implants 11/18/2011
How do I know the quality of the implants being placed into my mouth?


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