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What Is A Dental Implant?

It is an artificial tooth root that a Periodontist places into the jawbone in preparation for a replacement tooth such as a crown. Because it’s made of titanium, it will not break and cannot get cavities.  It blends right into the jaw and grows bone around it.  It’s a great alternative to dentures or dental bridges. 

Advantages of dental implants over other tooth replacement methods.

Dental Implants:

  • Made of Titanium Which Means No Cavities!
  • Last for 35-40 years or a Lifetime!
  • No Damaging Healthy Teeth
  • They Help Preserve Facial Structure by Preventing Bone Deterioration
  • Research Says 96-98% Success Rate
  • In the US, There Has Never Been A Single Case of Rejection!
  • Dental Implants Do Not Rely On Other Teeth For Support

Dental Bridges:                                 

  • Lifespan is Generally Shorter
  • Must File Down Perfectly Healthy Teeth
  • Teeth Underneath Can Still Get Cavities
  • Put Pressure on Surrounding Teeth Often Leading to Fractured Teeth
  • Can Break Necessitating Replacement                  


  • Fall Out Creating Embarrassment
  • Require Regular Maintenance
  • May Lead to Mouth Sores
  • Food Does Not Taste The Same
  • May Cause Speech Problems
  • Difficulty Eating Hard Foods

Dentistry has been replacing teeth in the form of dental implants for over 35 years.   Over the past four decades, Dental Implants have experienced great advancements. The titanium implants are placed under the gum tissue and into the jawbone.  When an appropriate implant is placed, it becomes fused with the bone.  The tooth can then be restored by a number of means - crowns, dentures, removable partial dentures.  The volume of bone in the particular area where a patient requires an implant is paramount to long-term success. 

At the Sarasota Periodontal Associates Institute, we work with the available bone in your jaw or advise you on how to regenerate the bone in preparation for your implant.

Successful Placement of Dental Implants Depends On:

  • The Education Level and Training of the Periodontist or Oral Surgeon
  • A Periodontist or oral surgeon is critical in successful implant therapy. Specialists such as oral surgeons and Periodontists complete a minimum three year surgical residency in addition to four years of Dental School.  A comprehensive residency program focused on implants, implant types, gum disease, gingivitis, periodontal disease, Periodontology, and oral surgery is ideal. 
  • It is important to note that any practicing dentist can attend a weekend course in continuing education that technically qualifies them to surgically place implants. Unfortunately there are many adjunctive procedures that go into implant placement, not always taught in a course over a few hours.*
  • Bone Grafting, Incision, Implanting, and Suturing Techniques are complicated and require experienced skills by a surgeon who specializes in Dental Implants and one who does a high volume of them on a weekly basis.
  • The Type of Implant and Bone Grafting Materials Used
  • There are hundreds of companies that sell bone grafting materials. Choosing which company is critical. The right implant system is directly related to success rate. There are over 100 different implant systems marketed worldwide and nearly 50 systems here in America. 
  • A patient who has been told that "all implant systems are the same" is like a consumer who has been told "all cars are the same!" 
  • At the Sarasota Periodontal Associates Institute, Dr. Kenneth Ross primarily utilizes the Straumann Implant System manufactured in Switzerland. With over 35 years of research in the Dental Implant field, the Straumann Implant System has proven success long-term and with longitudinal predictability.
  • One of the keys to success with the Straumann Implant System is that the tooth can be restored (or crowned) in as early as six weeks time. There are patented protocols enabling Dr. Ross to deliver your teeth the same day the teeth are extracted.  Bone grafting is performed and implants are placed at the same time.  Many other implant systems have attempted to clone this outstanding design. Unfortunately, many do not have long-term research to back up their product.
  • Implant placement requires only local anesthesia - "Novocaine" -  and is often associated with only mild discomfort. For patients that request a deeper anesthesia, Dr. Ross offers IV sedation at the Sarasota Periodontal Associates Institute.

Dental Implant Procedures
For most patients, the placement of dental implants involves one procedure.
For your comfort, we offer Conscious Sedation, “Sleep Dentistry”. The following is a general timeline of events:

  • First Visit
    - Meet with Treatment Coordinator
    - Digital X-Ray
    - Define What Your New Smile Will Look Like Using Computer Graphics Program
    - Treatment Plan is Formulated

  • Second Visit
    -*Can perform all procedures for "Teeth in One Day", if you choose this option.*
    -Removal of Teeth
    -Bone Grafting/Gum Replacement
    -Placement of Dental Implant
    -Conscious Sedation Offered
    -*If you opt not to have all procedures in one day, you will report to your general dentist who will supply you with temporary teeth while the implants are "integrating".*

  • Implants are placed within your jawbone.

  • After approximately two weeks, your general dentist will start making your new teeth. 

  • Six to Sixteen Weeks Following Implant Placement
    Implants are beneath the surface of the gums, gradually fusing with the body. At the same time, your restorative dentist designs the teeth in your treatment plan that you and Dr. Ross have chosen. This includes crowns, bridgework or dentures.

  • Dr. Ross utilizes a sophisticated implant system, thus the healing period is short.

After the implant has been fully integrated, your dentist places your new teeth which are normally crowns or bridges or a combination.  In rare occasions, a second minor procedure is necessary to “uncover” the implants below the gum line.

Most patients do not experience disruptions in their daily lives and activities during any phase of implant therapy!

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