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Q. How Often Do I Need to See My Dentist or Periodontist?
A. The American Academy of Periodontology recommends that periodontal patients report to their dentist or periodontist every three months for cleanings or periodontal maintenance. Periodontal patients are people that have been:

  • diagnosed with periodontal disease, (those with periodontal pockets of 5mm or greater)
  • have previously been treated for periodontal disease or
  • have proven to be susceptible to periodontal disease.

Once you fall into one of these three categories, you are best served with four cleanings per year for the rest of your life!

Q. Is there any chance I will reject my implant?
A. No! There has never been a single reported case in the United States of "rejection" of a dental implant. Implants are lost only 2%-6% of the time (when using the Straumann system) over a 35 year period. Implants can be lost for one of two reasons: trauma or peri-implantitis.

Q. Are bone grafting materials safe?
A. Absolutely! Dr. Ross only works with companies that provide the most stringent testing to ensure healthy, viable, non-diseased bone. Dr. Ross has never had a patient get an infection from bone grafting material.

Q. I heard that gum replacement is a painful procedure because you have to take gum from the roof of my mouth!
A. Actually that is no longer true. Dr. Ross does not have to take gum tissue from your palate to repair lost gum. At Pinellas Dental Specialties we use an allograft (material supplied by companies exactly the same way bone grafting material is supplied). This allograft is simply inserted into the area where you have recession and Voila! New gums!

Q. What is the difference between conventional x-rays & the "digital x-rays" Dr. Ross uses at Pinellas Dental Specialties in Largo, FL?
A. Digital X Rays provide less than 10% of the radiation than do conventional X Rays. This means that every X Ray Dr. Ross uses gives a patient 90% less radiation when that X Ray is taken. Dr. Ross has both individual as well as a panoramic digital X Ray machines for large single full head X Rays. In addition the panoramic radiograph can be calibrated for measurement to 0.01%! Conventional X Rays cannot be calibrated! Finally, digital X Rays show results immediately as opposed to standard X Rays which have to be developed while the patient waits.

Q. What is the difference between the implants I see advertised for $800 & the implants Dr. Ross places?
A. Typically there are several ways someone advertises implants at such a reduced fee.
1) Substandard or mini implants are used which are not truly implants & are meant to be only temporary!
2) There are numerous hidden fees higher costs for extraction of teeth, bone grafting,
3) The implant fee does not include the fee of your dentist who must place your crowns and/or abutments (the posts that hold the crowns.)

Beware of these ads. Things are never as they appear in the world of advertising and rarely is it of benefit to the patient.

Q. My dentist has recommended a "deep cleaning" that he is calling a "periodontal cleaning." What is the difference between a "deep cleaning" and a regular cleaning" and between a cleaning with my dentist and a cleaning with a periodontist?
A. Deep cleanings presume that a patient has periodontal disease which includes bone loss and periodontal pockets of 4mm or greater. If you have "pockets, it means you have lost bone and therefore need a hygienist or dentist to clean more deeply into the pockets. This generally involves using a topical agent or local anesthesia such as "Novacaine" for patient comfort.

Q. I've noticed that my obese parents have lost most of their teeth due to gum disease even though they are only in their 60s. Is this because they are overweight?
A. A common reason for tooth loss in older adults is periodontitis. This is basically a chronically infected mouth. Plaque accumulates on teeth, bacteria breed and the body's immune response is unable to control it. So a constant degree of inflammation is present, too. Periodontitis is very common: It's estimated that from a quarter to a half of adults have it, according to the World Health Organization. Obesity also is associated with systemic inflammation. So could someone with excess fat have gum and tooth problems as a result?
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